• Anish Rajan

    RN @ Fresenius Medical Care. Texas, USA (2002 – 2005)

    I'm so thankful for the faculty of KG School of Nursing. Without their encouragement, I would not be where I'm in my nursing carrier today. Throughout my nursing education, I have been challenged, inspired, encouraged, and pushed to a higher level than I thought possible. The faculty hold students to a high standard of education and have equipped me with the skills needed to a high standard of education and have equipped me with the skills needed to be a successful nurse. Three years in KG Hospital was life-changing.KG Hospital has its reputation that giving a lot of opportunities to us, knowing and working with a lot of people that are very engaged inspires you to be great too. Professionalism at its best. We restore, we reconstruct, and we rebuild lives.
  • Anju Murali

    Staff Nurse, Caritas Hospital, Kottayam (2007-2011)

    I am deeply honored to be a part of this esteemed institution which has greatly influenced me in my career. I thank the principal and all my teachers for their dedication and hard work towards developing our passion and skills. I am endlessly indebted for their service and care.

    I am forever grateful to this institution which has provided opportunities to learn and grow while continuing to inspire generations to serve among the society. KG School of Nursing has always been thriving to pass on the light of skill and knowledge, helping students expand their physical and intellectual horizons not just in the medical field but also in their lifetime. As far as I am concerned, this institution has played a huge role in starting off my career as a nurse. My experience there had been fulfilling in all aspects and I am proud to say that I am a graduate of this college.

  • Anu Mathew

    Staff Nurse, Singapore (2007-2011)

    "At the very outset I would like to express my heartiest thanks to the KG School of Nursing .I extend my regards to my Nursing tutors who are immensely helped me to a great success. I highly indebted to the entire KG family, in particular , the Department of General Nursing and Midwifery for helping me to achieve great heights in those three years.

    KG has helped me realize my dreams and achieve my goals. I am proud to be a NURSE"

    hanking Vaijayanthi Mam, for your unconditional love and care. We might call you mam. But you treated us like a mom, Thank you mam.

    Special thanks to Shanthi mam, For your love, care and concerns towards each and every student. You are so loving and humble to listen each student….. Also you are strong enough to correct the entire student…. No matter how hard it is… You paves the correct way for students…. A big salute to your dedication which builds up our life………

  • Asha Mathew

    Staff Nurse, Kuwait (2010 – 2014)

    KG has successfully accomplished its promises and objectives in providing quality education and overall development of all its students.

    KG has provided us with well equipped multispecialty hospitals, accommodation and sound environment which have been constantly of great support.....

    This is a glorious moment for me when I am writing few words about my College.KG School of Nursing have helped me make my future bright. I would like to thank each and everyone who helped me to become a successful Nurse.

  • Aswathi S Nair

    Critical Care Nurse, Hamad General Hospital, DOHA, Qutar, Saudi Arabia (2000 – 2003)

    The KG School of Nursing has set up a wonderful platform for my carrier. This incredible institution not only prepared me to be a RN, but it also taught me how to treat every individual with respect and dignity. We had good clinical exposure in KG Hospital, where we trained in a well equipped and highly professional training environment. Good, comfortable and protective hostel with nice food made me feel very much at home. I am proud to be a part of this institution.

  • Deepika S


    I feel very proud for being a student of KG School of Nursing.

    First of all I would like to thank Principal and Faculty for all the academic support and clinical placement they provided during the course.

    The knowledge which I gained at school has helped me to overcome the tough phases in overseas Nursing.

    KG School of Nursing is welcoming, informative and clearly dedicated to the students. I assure that KG School has been a great aid for tutoring, studying and resources.

    I am very grateful to the principal and faculty for all the experience and learning skills which I achieved during my studies, in addition to that I also earned a good foundation.

    It’s been a wonderful place with amazing teachers to purse my dream. Each day in my nursing career belongs to KG School, Yes! I would say that proudly.

  • Jiji John

    Staff Nurse, Ministry of Health, OMAN (2006 – 2009)

    Coming to KG School of Nursing is absolutely the right decision for me where I got adequate theory and practical knowledge in the field of Nursing.

    This esteemed institution and it’s facilities always provides a lending hand to make the transition from student to Staff Nurse as smooth as possible.

    The college has very beautiful campus and good classrooms and a peaceful ambiance.

    I am grateful to the Principal Shanthi mam and all other teaching and non teaching staff members for their constant support and guidance.

    I feel extremely happy to be a part of KG family.

  • Priyanga Ramraj

    Staff Nurse, King fAhad General Hospital, Jizan, Saudi Arabia (2010 – 2014)

    Its honour to give few words about KGSON.........

    I have become a staff Nurse as part of health care provider, I am always proud and so passionate about whom I am today. The outstanding faculties helped and guide us properly towards right path. Anything can be easy to learn by doing better than listening .By that way KGSON faculty gave us good demonstration, guidance and gain practical knowledge in clinical set up in Hospital, which is very much appreciable to enrich in our job at present to work confidently.. The study in KG SON makes me ready for the better job, good service and also enhanced my personality. So happy to be a part of KGSON..........

  • G.Tharani

    Physiotherapy, Assistant professor, Faculty of Physiotherapy
    Dr. M.G.R Educational and Research Institute, Chennai
    2009 (UG)

    I feel honored to be alumni of the institution. The academic experience with extraordinary team of faculty members has endured me with a good career excellence. The exceptional programme and teaching methodologies backed by practical classes, case discussions, journal presentations, clinical postings and community postings made me speculative. Our internship postings at KG MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL with excellent infrastructure, ICU postings and ward rounds during internship made me clinically strong and gave me confidence in handling patients. The knowledge and skills acquired during my Bachelors motivated me to do masters. I thank my HOD, Principals and faculties for paving a good career pathway in the field of physiotherapy.

  • Shilpa Cherian

    2009 -2013 Batch

    It has been my privilege to complete my Education from K.G School of Nursing .It is not just a college it’s a family which has full of learning, practice, fun, cultural activities, guidance and support.

    The Teachers have been my support and also the immense knowledge that I gained from them that not only helped me professionally but also personally. I thank K.G School of Nursing faculties for putting their full efforts to moulded me in such a way, for which helped me to a lot to gain knowledge throughout my life . Moreover, their support and encouragement made me to continue my education. Currently I had completed my PG with full of confidence.

  • Sankar

    Senior Physiotherapist, Dubai
    MPT (Neuro) (2013)

    KG College of physiotherapy has far exceeded my expectation in every way possible. The environment endearing the students is excellent and culture are wonderful especially the relations that are built within the teachers and the students. The warm and genuine interest of faculties in my personal and professional wellbeing that I experienced during my days made a family experience away from home. Enrolling here was one of the best decisions I had made. I truly enjoyed the open door policy with all the faculties and they really enjoy taking care of the students in each and every aspect. As I am navigating through this stage of my career and transitioning from student to a potential team player in my work place, in many moments I find myself very grateful to have had my learning here.

  • Shintu Varghese Abraham

    ACLS and BLS Instructor, Venkateshwar Hospital, New Delhi (2002 – 2005)

    I want to express how thankful and proud I am a Kgian. I completed my Nursing studies in the year 2005 .It was my right decision to chose KG School of nursing because of its fantastic reputation, atmosphere and clinical opportunity. The KG School of nursing since my first year to last year has helped me to develop in to a great amount of knowledge ,peer support , resources and place to horn my clinical skills. Faculty members believe that an open supportive relationship with the students is the greatest asset of KG School of Nursing. I am thankful for the time teachers spend teaching us to love compassion and to think critically . Moreover , I am grateful to the Principal and faculty for their constant guidance and support.

  • Ranju Sudarson

    Sports Physiotherapist, Ozone Group Football Club and Academy/Bangalore Shoulder institute.
    Bangalore, 2012 (UG), 2017 (PG)

    It is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning, fun, culture, literature and many such life preaching activities. I feel great studying here as I get great opportunities and support from faculties for various needs as the course demands. I show my gratitude to the efforts made by our faculties in nurturing me to grab university first mark, gold medal in Dr. MGR medical university.

    Opportunities for sports and extracurricular activities were always there to show our unique skills which not many colleges offer. The atmosphere is full of motivation and innovation. All the faculties are enthusiastic and always ready to help. Regular classes helped me with my aptitude, teaching and technical skills were of great help once when I got out as a professional.

    My seven years here have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

  • Soumya Augustin

    Team Leader, Wellkin Hospital, MAURITIUS. (2000 -2003)

    I graduated with my Diploma from KG school of Nursing. I am so thankful for the institute and my teachers in the nursing department because, without their encouragement, I would not be where I am in my nursing career today.  Throughout my RN program, I have been challenged, inspired, encouraged, and pushed to a higher level in my education than I thought possible.  My educational experience at KG school of nursing has been undeniably one of the best decisions I've ever made."

  • Philip Prem Kumar

    Physical therapy specialist, Loma Linda, USA, BPT (2007)

    Abundant knowledge and values instilled in us by this Institution has carved me to be a better individual and made me achieve my dream. I am proud to be associated with College of Physiotherapy for BPT. All the faculty members are very cooperative and they bind our skills with their immense knowledge and incredible support. They incorporate a very useful curriculum and ensure proper clinical practice as well.

  • Susamma Varghese

    Cardio Thoracic ICU in charge, Qatar (1996-1999)

    KG is the place made me to stand in this position today. The knowledge and the practical skills will help everybody to a 100% success in their nursing career. K.G. Hospital provides excellent clinical exposure to students with all types of patients.

    Also the college environment helped me to build strength and confidence. I always thankful to the dedicated, approachable and experienced faculty .I am always proud to say that I started my Nursing career in KG Hospital. Thank you very much the management,

    Principal and the faculty of KG School of Nursing.

  • Meenu Das

    Physical therapist
    Dar Al Shifa Medical Centre Bahrain, BPT (2010)

    Physiotherapy is an exciting course that offers a structured academic program with an emphasis on practical application, as well as unique opportunities for personal and professional growth. The passionate and experienced staff challenge and inspire your best, providing an unparalleled quality of education and an incredible sense of personal accomplishment. Campus has exceptional facilities and resources, as well as a great energy and friendly atmosphere. The variety of experiences and the great people are what make being a part of the course so rewarding

  • Tessy Varghese

    Manager- Personal care Home, Canada (2013- 2017)

    "I consider studying as a Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery at KG School of Nursing as the best thing that has ever happened to me. I benefited from the intellectual stimulating environment and experienced faculty, both in the class room and outside the classrooms. The programme opened my horizon and helped me shape future as a nurse. I attribute my success to the supportive nurturing and healthy culture of KG SON on both the academic and social level. Working in a diverse environment that KGSON embraces, made life easy. There wasn’t even a moment that I felt like a stranger .I am grateful to be student and forever aluminus of KG SON"

  • Yonten Jamtsho

    Senior Staff Nurse, Phuntsholing General Hospital, Chukha, Bhutan. (2010 -2014)

    "I am truly grateful & blessed that I was sent by Royal Government of Bhutan to pursue Nursing profession in one of the best institute in India,” i.e at K.G School of Nursing, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

    The school is wonderful with absolutely great & helpful teachers & managements. My stay at college was joyful & memorable one.

    With this privilege, now I am able to fully help the sick & injured people with my nursing profession here at my country for my fellow citizens. So, from my bottom of heart I would like to thank the School for oceanful of wisdom, knowledge & career".

  • Nimmyjose

    More than a college kGCON was a family to me . My entire family deserve a big salute as it nurture each and every buds to grow beautifully. All the mentors took care of us like their own kids as they want us to be the best ,filled our brains and minds with love and compassion. They not only followed books but also all the possible technology and allowed us to explore the different areas of nursing. KG hospital, which always provide an environment that helped each student's to utilise their overall ability and skills to help the patient in every aspect ,to have empathy and sympathy, to care and comfort thus allowing us gain experience and knowledge. I'm so proud to say that once a kg-ian is always a kg-ian and no matter what we will remain one above the crowd.

  • M. Ramesh

    Physiotherapy Specialist, WARA Hospitals, Kuwait.
    2005 (UG), 2010(PG)

    The lush green campus backed by astonishing infrastructure, studying here gave me a lead with a lifelong career excellence. From the very supporting faculties to excellent pedagogy, all helped me enhance my skills to the optimum and is still inspiring me to never give up. My education here was an experience for lifetime and will stay with me forever.The best thing about the degree is having the freedom to think of an idea and test its practical application. I feel extremely lucky to be in an environment that allows me to conduct research on what interests me the most.

    To any new student coming, I would say this: Throw yourself in, every opportunity that comes your way. If it gets too much, you can always scale back, but those opportunities can make all the difference between getting what you want and having to settle for the best.

  • Shini.M

    MSc Mental Health Nursing (2013-15)

    College is one of the memorable part of a student life.KG College of Nursing is a excellent institution for learn inanition to learning practical skills. Excellent Principal, Teachers and environment to study.

    I have been Little knowledge about Nursing before entering KG CON as I was from a different college, so KG CON was a whole new experience for me.KGCON has played a very crucial role in shaping my career. Through out of the course the faculty were very supportive and inspiring.

    I feel blessed as I was the student of this college.

    I am very great full to this Institution for all the knowledge I have gained.

  • Pastin Pushpa Rani P

    B.Sc. Nursing (2001-2006)

    KGCON is more than just an educational institution. It’s a place where I really explored and redefined my potentials, goals and aspirations. The Culture at KGCON fostered in me a great deal of self confidence, inquisitive mind and adaptability that enabled me to prosper in all spheres of life. I was fortunate to be the recipient of KGCON’s holistic education facilitated through a wide range of intellectual innovations and enriching extracurricular forums.

    An excellent team of committed teachers and a spirit of dedication that flows through everyone in the organization transformed me personally and professionally into an individual with unique perspectives. My journey at KGCON nurtured me to “Think Critically and Act Creatively”, the everlasting Mantra of KGCON. I am indebted to the entire KG Family for What I am today and what I still want to evolve. I wish KG will remain as the ‘Kingdom of God’ for generations to come.

  • Lijju Mathew

    Physiotherapist, Mid and South Essex University hospital, NHS foundation trust.
    United Kingdom(UK).
    BPT (2007)

    The KG College of physiotherapy course was the best decision I made after my higher secondary education and first step to successful career. Both the site and the lecturers were fantastic providing optimum facilities and high quality of teaching. The opportunity to learn from experts of academics and clinical practice. Since qualified I worked In LISIE hospital – Kerala for five years. I acknowledge faculty and the facility laying a strong foundation to my career. At present am working as physiotherapist in Mid and South Essex University hospital – NHS foundation trust. United Kingdom.

  • Chithra.P.B

    Msc. Nursing Student (2018)

    The MSN program at KGCHS has had a significant impact on my growth as a nursing leader. The learning throughout the program has been relevant and applicable to my daily role. The professors are very supportive and encouraging. They have a down to earth attitude and are easily approachable. This program provides a great balance between my full-time job, my family, and the course work. I highly recommend the MSN program at KGCHS! Get started now!

  • Minnu MX

    BSC Nursing (2019)

    I privileged to be a part of KG family. I appreciate the efforts of the principal and staff in promoting a highly professional training environment and have well-equipped labs and library has made our studies easier. The Relationship between faculties and students is very cordial. K G trained me to hold, to aid, to help, to teach and to inspire in the field of nursing

  • Joy Christy

    Christian Medical College, Tutor in Physiotherapy, Vellore. BPT (2012),

    I really liked my time at College of Physiotherapy. The atmosphere was conducive, disciplined and enthusiastic for studies and research. It helped me to shape my career. I could update myself to become a better Physiotherapist and also a better human being by coming across many great teachers.

  • Mrs.N.Shaba

    Assistant Professor (Avinashilingam University)
    MSc Nursing (2015)

    I thank almighty and respectable faculty to provide me this opportunity. I'm TN Dr.MGR Medical University Medalist. KG College of Health Sciences provides a person –centered, supportive educational setting in which students can gain confidence in their knowledge and nursing skills.It holds the plethora of opportunities and inspires the students to be a better version of themselves. The Institute are more concerned about the education of students on a one-to-one basis.

    At KG College of Health Sciences, I found an openness with which I was welcomed into a program with the full confidence and support that I could truly be successful in my chosen path.From nurturing our inner thoughts to eradicate the fear to speak up,KG has polished my skills and added a shine to my personality. I wholeheartedly thank the institute for the immeasurable knowledge, leadership skills and excellent learning I have gained.I strongly recommend KG Institute of Health Science would be the best place for learning, gaining theoretical and practical skills.

  • Anu Panakkal Sunny

    Registered Staff Nurse, East Surrey Hospital NHS, UK ,
    BSC Nursing (2009-2013)

    I'm so fortunate to study in K.G college of nursing , Coimbatore. The whole process was certainly not an easy task, faced a lot of ups and downs but the support from my teachers were truly professional who shared their experience and knowledge with enthusiasm. The education and experience both theory and practical which I gained in 4 years of course has moulded me what iam today. The well equipped laboratories in college and practical practise from K.G hospital has groomed me to face any challenging situations. Very importantly there was continuous guidance from our chairman and nursing director despite their busy schedules. I not only gained knowledge but most importantly I learned moral values from my mentors, especially my principal which helped me to be more focussed on my goal. Ian so proud and entirely satisfied to have been a part of K.G Family.

  • Santhosh Joseph

    Anaesthesia Practitioner, UK,
    BSc Nursing for Trained Nurses (2001)

    I have really enjoyed my time at KG College of Health Sciences.The best thing about the college was being given the independence to study the way i wanted to, in an environment focused on academia.The atmosphere was so lovely and the teachers are really supportive,approachable and are always with help or listen. The college and the Hospital work well together and strive to get the best for their students.

    The quality of the teaching and the practical were outstanding. I have enjoyed meeting a wide range of different people at KG College also I have enjoyed the greater sense of freedom." Education is KEY,if its SUCCESS you wish to see"

  • G. Aswini

    Assistant Professor, Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore.
    Physiotherapy, 2011 (UG), 2016(PG)

    It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my under and post graduate in our college. The campus is filled with positive energy and exuberances. My first visit left me awestruck after looking at the atmosphere of the college. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The campus is full of limitless opportunities if you want to discover yourself. Besides that our college gave me a sense of confidence to face the challenges and turbulence in both clinical and practical life.

  • G.Anniemary

    MSc(N) MA MBA(HM) 2005-2007

    KGCON is a garden of knowledge and wisdom. Each day can unfold multiple surprises. From nuturing my inner talents to eradicating the fears, KGCON has polished my skills and added a shine to my personality. I was a clay in hands of my expert teachers who all have moulded me knowing my strength and weakness. They turned me as a best model. I am thankful to my management, Director, Principal, Faculties and friends who made me as a model for others today. The eminent facilities and energetic campus taught me more to explore.

    I have established my leadership quality, time management, and team skills..KGCON showered me a lot and it's more enough for me to carry alone. Being a part of KGCON family is an honour by itself.

  • Harsha Hari Nair

    Healthcare Practitioner & Wellness Consultant,
    South America Bsc Nursing (2010-2014)

    "An investment in knowledge will always pay you the best interest" I took the best decision in my life to join K.G college of Health Sciences to study Bsc Nursing. One can get all the opportunity to learn with world class practical experience and utilize it wherever you go. The dedication, knowledge, experience and commitment of our teachers are impeccable. They continuously encouraged and motivated me to achieve great things. There's a good environment for learning theory and practicals. Along with academics, the teachers also taught us other life skills that help me a lot throughout my career and life.

    I can proudly say that graduating from KG gave me an excellent opportunity to work outside of India. Without the help of my teachers and the opportunity that I got from K.G, I wouldn't be able to achieve what I have today. I'm always grateful to my teachers and for everything I learned from K.G college.

  • Jobin V Varghese

    Bsc Radiology Imaging Technology
    MRI technologist (2014)

    Success was a phenomena in my mind which I wanted to strive for, before I came to KG college Of Health sciences. And it was made apparent here by the guidance of the mentors, my hardwork and fate that I flew high to the right direction from where I was founded.

    KG made me to think out of the box and the practical experience i gained with world class equipments available at the hospital raised my confidence to work in any challenging clinical scenerios

    The college faculties are extremely helpful in giving guidance and support for further career advancements even years after finishing up the course,its really a family

  • ArunSagar M S

    Physiotherapist, Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore.
    BPT (2009)

    College of Physiotherapy is like a second home to me…have spent golden years by pursuing BPT. My journey here was no lesser than a roller coaster ride. I owe my success to all the faculty members & the management. I am really thankful for modeling me & enlightening my path of success. Proud to be a part of KG family… Child’s eyes are like candles & faculties are like spark that lit them into sparkling light.”

  • Dr. Seena S

    Vice Principal
    Elite College of Nursing, Thrissur MSc Nursing (2004-2006)

    The academics at KGCON is highly impeccable. Utmost care is taken so that the students have a clear grasp of the subjects at hand and proficiency in clinical activities through regular classes and state- of art clinical facilities. There is a continuous appraisal of the student progress through tests and assignments. The faculty are highly knowledgeable, supportive and motivating to the core. Library facilities are highly appreciable with numerous national and international journals and e-learning facility. the aesthetic value of the campus is maintained through pollution-free, eco-friendly environment. The students will have an all-round development of their potentials through various extracurricular activities like sports and cultural events. I consider myself lucky to be part of this esteemed institution during my postgraduate tenure.

  • Jesil Johnson Muthukattil

    Registered Nurse, Canada
    BSc Nursing (2017)

    “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.” I would begin with this quote as it was the essence for my success in life. I pursued a dream of getting a bachelor’s degree of nursing and become a successful nurse in my future and KG College of Health sciences helped me to purse my dream by reminding me each time that there is no success without hard work. I sternly believe that I attained the core characteristics of a successful nurse in all fields of nursing through the knowledge and skills flushed from the most approachable and loving faculties of KG College of Nursing. Personally I feel blessed today of haven been a part of KG family for 4 years as it was the root source for who I am today not only of being a successful nurse but also in many other fields as it was the KG platform that pulled the extrovert nature out from me.

    “Devote yourself and make it happen. You will struggle but you will overcome you fears. Smile! Don’t forget this is your dream” – I whole heartedly say that there would not be a single student who would leave the campus without being smart, brave, courageous, sportive and most importantly being a successful follower of Nightingale as I am a witness!